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Sponge Scrubber

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Sponge Scrubber

Sponge Scrubber Large, Medium 10 pcs

HS Code : 3924 90 9000 / Size : 150x90x30mm

Advantages and uses of product


  • Scrubber section -
    Thanks to its nylon 66 cloth with high durability and special cleanser with strong washing force, it removes stubborn or old stains quickly, saves the feeling of first use of the product for a long time, and can be used for various purposes such as washing the dishes, cooking equipment or cleaning.
  • Sponge section -
    It can easily make a lot of foams with a small amount of detergent due to its absorption power and keep the first shape for a long time using high elasticity sponge.
    It is proper for washing fine quality dishes such as coated containers, crystal products, or bone china.

Sponge Scrubber Large 10 pcs

Sponge Scrubber Large 10 pcs



Sponge Scrubber Large 10 pcs

Sponge Scrubber Medium 10 pcs


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